Authors F

Fadiman, Anne- The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down
Fatsis, Stefan- Word Freak
Fenton, Brock M.- Bats
Fergus, Jim- One Thousand White Women
Fielding, Henry- Tom Jones
Fies, Brian- Fire Story
Fifield, Donnali (adapted by)- Arctic Tale
Finger, Anne- Past Due
Finger, Charles- Give a Man a Horse
Finkel, Michael- The Stranger in the Woods
Fish, Margery- We Made a Garden
Fishbien, Seymour- Yellowstone Country
Fisher, Ronald M.- The Appalachian Trail
Fitzjohn, Tony- Born Wild
Fitzsimons, Isaac- The Passing Playbook
Flanders, Cait- The Year of Less
Flannery, Tim- Chasing Kangaroos
Flaubert, Gustave- Madame Bovary
Fleeson, Lucinda- Waking up in Eden 
Fleischman, Paul- Seedfolks
Fletcher, H.L.V.- Popular Flowering Plants
Fletcher, Nick et al.- What Fish?
Fletcher, Stanwell- Pattern of the Tiger
Flowers, Pam- Alone Across the Arctic
Flynn, Sean- Why Peacocks?
Foer, Jonathan Safran- Eating Animals
Fogle, Bruce- Encyclopedia of the Cat
Folk, G. Edgar- Hamsters
Follett, Ken- Jackdaws
Ford, Barbara- Alligators, Raccoons and Other Survivors
Ford, Brian- The Secret Language of Life
Forest, Jennifer- Work Women Want
Forester, Victoria- The Girl Who Could Fly
Forster, E.M.- A Passage to India
Fortescue, J.W.- The Story of a Red-Deer
Fortey, Richard- Horseshoe Crabs and Velvet Worms
Fossey, Dian- Gorillas in the Mist 
Foster, F. Gordon- Ferns to Know and Grow
Foster, Ken- Dogs I Have Met
Foster, Ken – The Dogs Who Found Me
Foster, Rory- Dr. Wildlife
Fowler, Alys- Garden Anywhere
Fowler, Connie May- When Katie Wakes
Fox, M.W.- The Whistling Hunters
Fox, Michael- The Wolf
Fox, Paula- One-Eyed Cat
Fox, Sue- Hamsters
Frank, Stanislav- The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fish
Frankl, Viktor- Man’s Search for Meaning
Franklin, Jon- The Wolf in the Parlor
Frazier, Charles- Cold Mountain
Frazier, Charles– Thirteen Moons
Fredericks, Anthony D.- Horseshoe Crab
Freedman, Russell – Children of the Wild West
Freese, Mathias – Down to a Sunless Sea
French, Thomas- Zoo Story
Freyd, Jennifer and Birrell, Pamela- Blind to Betrayal
Friedan, Betty- The Feminine Mystique
Friedman, Sara Ann- Celebrating the Wild Mushroom
Fritzsche, Peter- Hamsters
Frost, Randy and Steketee, Gail- Stuff
Fry, Christopher- The Lady’s Not for Burning
Fuller, Alexandra- Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight
Fuller, Iola- The Loon Feather
Funk, Charles Earle- A Hog on Ice
Funke, Cornelia- Inkheart
Fynn- Anna’s Book

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