Authors- G

Gaddis, Thomas- Birdman of Alcatraz
Gaiman, Neil- A Game of You (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil– Brief Lives (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil– Coraline
Gaiman, Neil– The Doll’s House (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil– Dream Country (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil– The Dream Hunters (Sandman) 
Gaiman, Neil– Fables and Reflections (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil– Mirrormask
Gaiman, Neil– Neverwhere 
Gaiman, Neil– Preludes and Nocturnes (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil– Season of Mists (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil– The Wake (Sandman)
Gaiman, Neil– World’s End (Sandman)
Gaitskill, Mary- The Mare
Galaxy, Jackson- Total Cat Mojo
Gale, Eric Kahn- Zoo at the Edge of the World
Galdikas, Birute- Reflections of Eden
Gallico, Paul – The Abandoned
Gallico, Paul – Love, Let Me Not Hunger
Gallico, PaulThe Silent Miaow
Gallico, Paul– The Snow Goose
Ganeri, Anita- Goldfish
Ganeri, Anita– Rabbits
Gannett, Ruth Stiles- My Father’s Dragon
Gannett, Ruth Stiles– Elmer and the Dragon
Gannett, Ruth Stiles– The Dragons of Blueland
Garbo, Norman – The Artist
Garcia, Joseph- Sign with Your Baby
Garden, Joe et al- The Dangerous Book for Dogs
Garden, Joe et al– The Devious Book for Cats
Gardiner, Jenny- Winging It
Gardiner and Osborne- Father’s Gone A-Whaling
Gardner, John- October Light
Gardner, Nuala- A Friend Like Henry
Gardom and Milner- Natural History Museum Book of Dinosaurs
Garland, Sarah- The Herb Garden
Garner, Alan- The Owl Service
Garnett, David – Lady Into Fox
Garvey, Ric- Animal Orphanage
Garvin, Jeff- Symptoms of Being Human
Gaskin, Ina May- Spiritual Midwifery
Gawande, Atul- Being Mortal
Gear, Michael and Kathleen- People of the Sea
Geck and Schliewen- Nanoaquarium
Geist, Valerius- Whitetail Tracks
Genova, Lisa- Still Alice
Gentry, Christine- When Dogs Run Wild
George, Jean Craighead- Charlie’s Raven
George, Jean CraigheadFrightful’s Mountain
George, Jean CraigheadGull Number 737
George, Jean Craighead– How to Talk to Your Cat
George, Jean Craighead– Julie
George, Jean Craighead– Julie of the Wolves
George, Jean Craighead– Julie’s Wolf Pack
George, Jean CraigheadMy Side of the Mountain
George, Jean CraigheadOn the Far Side of the Mountain
George, Jean Craighead– The Summer of the Falcon
George, Jean Craighead– There’s an Owl in the Shower
George, Jean Craighead and John- Vulpes the Red Fox
Gerstein, Mordecai- The Old Country
Gerstein, Mordecai– Victor
Geske, Colleen- Stuff Dutch People Like
Gilbert, Elizabeth- Eat, Pray, Love
Gilbert, ElizabethThe Last American Man
Gilbert, Suzie- Flyaway
Gilbertie, Sal- Herb Gardening At Its Best
Gilborn, Alice –  What Do You Do with a Kinkajou?
Gillis, Peter (adapted from Peter S. Beagle)- The Last Unicorn
Gillman and Maynard- Decoding Gardening Advice
Gierach, John- Dances with Trout
Giles, Fiona- Fresh Milk
Gipson, Fred – Old Yeller
Gladwell, Malcolm- Talking to Strangers
Gladwell, Malcolm– The Tipping Point
Gloss, Molly- The Hearts of Horses
Godden, Rumer- An Episode of Sparrows
Godden, Rumer– The Battle of the Villa Fiorita
Godden, Rumer– The Diddakoi
Godden, Rumer– The Dragon of Og
Godden, Rumer– The Kitchen Madonna
Godden, Rumer– The Peacock Spring
Godey, John- The Snake
Golding, William- The Inheritors
Golding, William– Pincher Martin
Goldwasser, Amy- All Black Cats Are Not Alike
Gonzales, Laurence- Lucy
Gonzalez, Philip- The Blessing of the Animals
Goodall, Jane- Harvest for Hope
Goodall, Jane– Reason for Hope
Goodavage, Maria- Doctor Dogs
Goode, Erica- Letters for Our Children
Goodman, Deborah Lerme- Magic of the Unicorn (Choose Your Own Adventure)
Gorant, Jim- The Lost Dogs
Gordon, Richard- Doctor at Large
Gordon, Richard– Doctor in Love
Gordon, Richard– Doctor in the House
Gowdy, Barbara- The White Bone
Graham, Robin Lee –Dove
Grahame, Kenneth- The Reluctant Dragon
Grambo, Rebecca- Wolf: Legend, Enemy, Icon
Grambo, Rebecca– World of the Fox
Grandin, Temple – Animals In Translation
Grandin, Temple – Animals Make Us Human
Grandin, Temple – Emergence: Labeled Autistic
Grandin, Temple – Thinking in Pictures
Grange, Wallace Byron- Those of the Forest
Gravelle, Karen and Squire, Anne- Animal Talk
Graver, Elizabeth- The Honey Thief
Grealy, Lucy- Autobiography of a Face
Green, Ben K.- A Thousand Miles of Mustangin’
Green, Ben K.Horse Tradin’
Green, Ben K.Some More Horse Tradin’
Green, Ben K.Wild Cow Tales
Green, Ben K.Village Horse Doctor, West of the Pecos
Green, Katie- Lighter Than My Shadow
Green, Robin- Real Birth 
Green, Susan- Gentle Gorilla
Green, Julia- Tilly’s Midnight Garden
Green-Armytage, Stephen- Extraordinary Chickens
Greenberg, Joanne- I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
Greenfield, Joanna- The Lion\’s Eye
Greenlaw, Linda – The Hungry Ocean
Greenlaw, Linda – The Lobster Chronicles
Griesemer, John- No One Thinks of Greenland
Griffin, Donald R.- Animal Minds
Griffin, John Howard- Black Like Me
Griffiths, Helen- Just a Dog
Griffiths, HelenGrip: A Dog Story
Griffiths, HelenThe Dark Swallows
Grimwood, Jonathan- The Last Banquet
Grinker, Roy Richard – Unstrange Minds
Grogan, John- Marley and Me
Grogan, Jonn– Marley: A Dog Like No Other
Grolleau, Fabien- Audubon
Groneberg, Tom- The Secret Life of Cowboys
Groneberg, Tom– One Good Horse
Grossman, Lev- The Magicians
Grossman, LevThe Magician King
Grossman, LevThe Magician’s Land
Grove, Noel- Wild Lands for Wildlife
Gruen, Sara- Ape House
Gruen, SaraWater for Elephants
Guest, C.Z.- First Garden
Guest, Judith- Ordinary People
Gunders, Dana- Waste Free Kitchen Handbook
Guidry, Virginia Parker- Hamsters
Gunning, Sally- Bound
Gurney, Eric- How to Live with a Calculating Cat
Gussow, Joan- This Organic Life
Gutjar, Axel- Setting Up an Aquarium

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