Authors- H

Ha, Robin- Almost American Girl
Haas, Robert B.- Through the Eyes of the Condor
Haas, Robert B.– Through the Eyes of the Gods
Haddon, Mark- Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime
Haldeman, Linda- Esbae
Haldeman, Linda– Star of the Sea
Hale, Nathan- One Trick Pony
Hale, Robert- The Elm at the Edge of the Earth
Hale, Shannon- Book of a Thousand Days
Hall, Elizabeth – Child of the Wolves
Halls, Kelly Milner- Wild Horses: Galloping Through Time
Hall, Lynn- A Horse Called Dragon
Halls, Vicky – Cat Confidential
Halverson, Anders- An Entirely Synthetic Fish
Hambly, Barbara- Dragonsbane
Hambly, Barbara– Those Who Hunt the Night
Hamer, Marc- How to Catch a Mole
Hamill, Pete- Forever
Hamilton, Garry- Arctic Fox
Hamilton, Hugo- The Speckled People
Hamilton, Jane – A Map of the World
Hamilton, Jane – The Book of Ruth
Hamilton, Masha- The Camel Bookmobile
Hamilton, Masha– Staircase of a Thousand Steps
Hanna, Jack- Monkeys on the Interstate
Hanson, Thor- The Triumph of Seeds
Hardt, Marah J.- Sex in the Sea
Hardy, Edward – Keeper and Kid
Hardy, Thomas- Tess of D’Urbervilles
Hargrave, Louisa- The Vineyard
Harnett, Natalie S.- The Hollow Ground
Harper, Barbara- Gentle Birth Choices
Harper, Charise Mericle- Bad Sister
Harpman, Jacqueline- I Who Have Never Known Men
Harr, Jonathan- The Lost Painting
Harris, Dena- Lessons in Stalking
Harrison, Kathy – One Small Boat
Hartman, Rachel- Seraphina
Hartnett, Sonya- The Children of the King
Hartwig, Lynnette- How Humans Became Intelligent
Haruf, Kent – Plainsong
Haruf, Kent – The Tie That Binds
Haruf, Kent – Where You Once Belonged
Hass, Patricia- Swampfire
Hassman, Tupelo- Girlchild
Hatkoff, Craig et al- Winter’s Tail
Hatkoff, Craig et al– Owen and Mzee
Hauser, Susan Carol- A Field Guide to Ticks
Hawley, Samuel- Bad Elephant, Far Stream
Hayden, Torey – One Child
Hays, David and Daniel- My Old Man and the Sea
Hayes, Cathy – The Ape in Our House
Hayes, Susan and Joseph Lucas- Polar Life
Hearne, Vicki- Adam’s Task
Hearne, VickiBandit: Dossier of a Dangerous Dog
Hediger, H. – Wild Animals in Captivity
Hegland, Jean- Into the Forest
Heidcamp, Arnette- Hummingbirds: My Winter Guests
Heilig, Heidi- The Girl From Everywhere
Heimlich and Boran- Killer Whales
Heinrich, Bernd- A Year in the Maine Woods
Heinrich, Bernd– Life Everlasting
Heinrich, Bernd– Mind of the Raven
Heinrich, Bernd– One Wild Bird at a Time
Heinrich, BerndSummer World
Heinrich, Bernd– Why We Run 
Heinrich, Bernd– Winter World
Heiser, Charles- Weeds in My Garden
Helfer, Ralph- Modoc
Helfer, Ralph– Zamba
Hellmuth, Jerome- A Wolf in the Family
Helprin, Mark- Winter’s Tale
Hemmingway, Ernest- A Farewell to Arms
Hemmingway, Ernest– Green Hills of Africa
Henderson, Susan- Up From the Blue
Henkes, Kevin- Olive’s Ocean
Hess, John- The Galapagos
Hesse, Karen- The Music of Dolphins
Hesselbeck, Elisabeth- The G-Free Diet
Heyerdahl, Thor- Fatu-Hiva: Back to Nature
Heyerdahl, Thor– Kon-Tiki
Heyerdahl, Thor– The Ra Expeditions
Heyerdahl, Thor– The Tigris Expedition
Heywood, Anne – Pastels Made Easy
Herbert, James- Fluke
Herriot, James – All Things Bright and Beautiful
Hewetson, Ann – The Stolen Child
Heying, Heather- Antipode
Hicks, Faith Erin- Friends with Boys
Hieronimus, Harro- Guppies, Mollies and Platys
Higashida, Naoki- The Reason I Jump
Hill, Lawrence- The Book of Negroes
Hill, Robert (adapted by) – Swiss Family Robinson
Hillenbrand, Laura- Seabiscuit
Hines, Richard- No Way But Gentlenesse
Hirsch, Odo- Yoss
Hiscock, Peter- Aquarium Plants
Hobbet, Anastasia – Pleasure of Believing
Hobbs, Valerie- Sheep
Hoglund, Don- Nobody’s Horses
Holden, Edith- Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady
Holland, Jennifer S.- Unlikely Loves
Holland, Marion- The Secret Horse
Holmes, Hannah- Suburban Safari
Holzapfel, Richard- Women of Nauvoo
Honeyman, Gail- Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
Honore, Carl- In Praise of Slowness
Hooker, Forrestine- Star the Story of an Indian Pony
Hoover, Helen- The Gift of the Deer
Horan, Richard- Harvest
Hornbacher, Marya- Wasted
Hornby, Nick- Housekeeping vs the Dirt
Hornby, Nick– The Polysyllabic Spree
Hornby, Nick– Shakespeare Wrote for Money
Hornung, Eva- Dog Boy
Horowitz, Alexandra- Inside of a Dog
Hosseini, Khaled – The Kite Runner
Houston, Pam – Sight Hound
Howard, Brigit Strawbridge- Dancing with Bees
Howard, Carol- Dolphin Chronicles
Hoyt, Vance Joseph- Silver Boy
Hubbell, Sue- A Country Year 
Huggins and Zeidrich- Nursing Mother’s Guide to Weaning
Hughes, Dean- All Moms Go To Heaven
Hughes, Richard- A High Wind in Jamaica
Hulme, Keri – The Bone People
Hunger, Christina- How Stella Learned to Talk
Hunter, Don (editor) – Snow Leopard
Hunter, Erin – Into the Wild
Hunter, Luke- Wild Cats of the World
Huntington, Lee- Hill Song
Hurd, Barbara- Stirring the Mud
Hurston, Zora- Their Eyes Were Watching God
Husher, Helen- Conversations with a Prince
Husted, Ursula- A Cat Story
Hutto, Joe – Touching the Wild
Huxley, Elspeth- The Flame Trees of Thika
Huxley, ElspethThe Mottled Lizard
Huxley, ElspethOut in the Midday Sun
Hyde, Dayton O. – All the Wild Horses
Hyde, Dayton O..– Don Coyote
Hyde, Dayton O. – Island of the Loons
Hyde, Dayton O..– The Last Free Man
Hyde, Dayton O. – Sandy
Hyde, John- Romeo

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