Titles- D

Daily Coyote, The– Shreve Stockton
Dakota Dream – James Bennett
Damselfly– Chandra Prasad
Dance to a Dolphin’s Song– Horace Dobbs
Dance with Dragons, A– George R.R. Martin
Dances with Trout– John Gierach
Dancing Plague, The – John Waller
Dancing with Bees– Bridgit Strawbridge Howard
Dangerous Book for Dogs, The– Joe Garden, et al
Dangerous Dinosaurs Q&A – Carey Scott
Dark Horse– Jean Slaughter Doty
Dark Horse, The– Marcus Sedgwick
Dark Swallows, The– Helen Griffiths
Dark Secret, The– Tui T. Sutherland
Darkwing– Kenneth Oppel
Daughter of Time, The– Joesphine Tey
Daughters of the Sunstone– Sydney van Scyoc
David Copperfield– Charles Dickens
Dawn– Octavia Butler
Dawning of the Day, The– Elisabeth Ogilvie
Dear Theo – Irving Stone (editor)
Death at SeaWorld– David Kirby
Deception, The (Animorphs #46)– K.A. Applegate
Decision, The (Animorphs #18) – K.A. Applegate
Decoding Gardening Advice– Jeff Gillman and Meleah Maynard
Demon Copperhead– Barbara Kingsolver
Demon Fish– Juliet Eilperin
Departure, The (Animorphs #19) – K.A. Applegate
Depression and Bipolar Disorder– William R. Marchand
Desert Solitaire– Edward Abbey
Devil’s Children, The– Peter Dickinson
Devil’s Storybook, The – Natalie Babbitt
Devious Book for Cats, The– Joe Garden et al
Dewey– Vicki Myron
Dewey’s Nine Lives– Vicki Myron
Diary of a Cat– Leigh Rutledge
Diary of a Pigeon Watcher– Doris Schwerin
Diddakoi, The– Rumer Godden
Dingo– Charles de Lint
Dinosaurs by Nigel Marven
Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life– Hazel Richardson
Dinosaurs: Herbivores– Dougal Dixon
Dirt Cure, The– Maya Shetreat-Klein
Dirt Riddles, The– Michael Walsh
Dirty Chick– Antonia Murphy
Dirty Life, The– Kristin Kimball
Disapparation of James, The – Anne Ursu
Discovery, The (Animorphs #20) – K.A. Applegate
Displacement– Lucy Knisley
Diversion, The (Animorphs #49)– K.A. Applegate
Divine Canine – Monks of New Skete
Do Cats Think? – Paul Corey
Do No Harm– Henry Marsh
Doctor at Large– Richard Gordon
Doctor Dogs– Maria Goodavage
Doctor in Love– Richard Gordon
Doctor in the House– Richard Gordon
Dog Boy– Eva Hornung
Dog Called Kitty, A– Bill Wallace
Dog Called Perth, A– Peter Martin
Dog Days– Jon Katz
Dog Named Boo, A– Lisa Edwards
Dog of Knots, The– Kathy Walden Kaplan
Dog on His Own, A– Mary Jane Auch
Dog Who Came to Stay– Hal Borland
Dog Who Couldn’t Stop Loving, The– Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson
Dog With Golden Eyes, The– Frances Wilbur
Dogland– Will Shetterly
Dogs: A New Understanding– Raymond and Lorna Coppinger
Dogs I Have Met– Ken Foster
Dogs of Babel, The– Carolyn Parkhurst
Dogs of Bedlam Farm, The – Jon Katz
Dogs of the American Indians– William Pferd
Dogs of Winter, The– Bobbie Pyron
Dogs Who Came to Stay, The– George Pitcher
Dogs Who Found Me, The – Ken Foster
Dog’s Book of Truths, A– Nancy LeVine
Dog’s Life, A– Ann Martin
Dog’s Life, A– Peter Mayle
Dogsbody– Diana Wynne Jones
Dogtown– Stefan Bechtel
Doll’s House, The– Neil Gaiman
Dolphin Chronicles– Carol Howard
Dolphin Days– Kenneth Norris
Dolphin Doctor, The– Sam Ridgway
Don Coyote – Dayton O. Hyde
Donkeys Galore– Averil Swinfen
Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight– Alexandra Fuller
Don’t Shoot the Dog!– Karen Pryor
Doomsday Book– Connie Willis
Dove– Robin Lee Graham
Down and Out In Paris and London – George Orwell
Down from the Mountain – Andrew Bryce
Down to a Sunless Sea– Mathias B. Freese
Dr. Wildlife– Rory Foster
Dracula– Bram Stoker
Dragon and Herdsman– Timothy Zahn
Dragon and Judge– Timothy Zahn
Dragon and Liberator– Timothy Zahn
Dragon and Slave– Timothy Zahn
Dragon and Soldier– Timothy Zahn
Dragon and the George– Gordon R. Dickson
Dragon and Thief– Timothy Zahn
Dragon Avenger– E. E. Knight
Dragon Behind the Glass– Emily Voigt
Dragon Champion– E. E. Knight
Dragon of Lonely Island, The– Rebecca Rupp
Dragon of Og, The– Rumer Godden
Dragon of the Lost Sea– Laurence Yep
Dragon Outcast– E. E. Knight
Dragonbards, The– Shirley Rousseau Murphy
Dragondrums– Anne McCaffrey
Dragonet Prophecy (Wings of Fire Book 1)– Tui Sutherland
Dragonflight– Anne McCaffrey
Dragonhaven -Robin McKinley
Dragonquest– Anne McCaffrey
Dragonsbane– Barbara Hambly
Dragonsinger– Anne McCaffrey
Dragonslayer’s Apprentice– David Calder
Dragonsong– Anne McCaffrey
Dragon’s Blood– Jane Yolen
Dragon’s Heart– Jane Yolen
Dragons of Blueland, The – Ruth Stiles Gannett
Drama– Raina Telgemeier
Drawing Animals– Victor G. Ambrus
Drawings of the Masters– Colin Eisler
Drawing of the Three, The – Stephen King
Dream Country, The– Neil Gaiman
Dream Hunters, The– Neil Gaiman
Dreaming in Turtle– Peter Laufer
Dreaming Water– Gail Tsukiyama
Driftwood Valley– Theodora Stanwell-Fletcher
Drunken Forest, The – Gerald Durrell
Dun Cow Rib, The– John Lister-Kaye
Dun Lady’s Jess– Doranna Durgin
Dust Bowl Diary– Ann Marie Low
Dwarf Hamsters– Sharon Vanderlip

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