Titles- L

Lab Girl– Hope Jahren
Labor of Love– Cara Muhlhahn
Lacuna, The– Barbara Kingsolver
Lad: a Dog– Albert Payson Terhune
Lady and the Sharks, The– Eugenie Clark
Lady and the Unicorn, The– Tracy Chevalier
Lady Into Fox – David Garnett
Lady on the Beach– Norah Berg
Lady with a Spear– Eugenie Clark
Lady’s Not for Burning, The– Christopher Fry
Lakota Woman– Mary Crow Dog
Language of Butterflies, The– Wendy Williams
Last American Man, The– Elizabeth Gilbert
Last Banquet, The– Jonathan Grimwood
Last Chain on Billie– Carol Bradley
Last Chance to See– Douglas Adams
Last Child In the Woods – Richard Louv
Last Dragon, The– Silvana de Mari
Last Dragon, The– Jane Yolen
Last Free Cat, The– Jon Blake
Last Free Man, The – Dayton O. Hyde
Last Garden, The– Liza Ketchum
Last of the Mohicans, The– James Fenimore Cooper
Last Wild Wolves, The– Ian McAllister
Last Rhinos, The– Lawrence Anthony
Last Unicorn, The– Peter Gillis (adaptation from Peter S. Beagle)
Laughing Boy– Oliver La Farge
Laughter and Tears– Bing and Colman
Lawn Boy– Jonathan Evison
Lazy Sunday Book– Bill Watterson
Legacy of the Cat– Gloria Stephens
Learning Joy from Dogs Without Collars– Lauralee Summer
Leaves on Frozen Ground– Dave Carty
Leaving the Saints – Martha Beck
Leaving the Wild– Gavin Ehringer
Leg to Stand On, A – Oliver Sacks
The Left Hand of Darkness– Ursula K. LeGuin
Legends in Exile– Bill Willingham
Leper, The– Sigmund Brouwer
Lessons in Stalking– Dena Harris
Let the Right One In– Ajvide Lindqvist
Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls– David Sedaris
Letters for Our Children – Erica Goode
Letters From a Nut– Ted Nancy
Letters from Father Christmas– J.R.R. Tolkien
Letters of a Woman Homesteader– Elinor Pruitt Stewart
Life Above the Jungle Floor– Donald Perry
Life and Love of Cats, The– Lewis Blackwell
Life Everlasting– Bernd Heinrich
Life in the Fat Lane– Cherie Bennett
Life in the Undergrowth– Sir David Attenborough
Life in the Wild– DK Publishing
Life Is So Good– George Dawson
Life of a Leaf, The– Steven Vogel
Life of Buzzards, The– Peter Dare
Life of Pi– Yann Martel
Life of the Robin– David Lack
Life of the Skies– Jonathan Rosen
Life Story of the Fish– Brian Curtis
Lighter Than My Shadow– Katie Green
Lightfoot the Deer– Thornton Burgess
Line Between, The– Peter S. Beagle
Linnea’s Windowsill Garden– Bjork and Anderson
Lion Among Men, A– Gregory Maguire
Lion and the Puppy and Other Stories– Leo Tolstoy
Lion Called Christian, A–  Rendall and Bourke
Lion King, the Graphic Novel– Bobbi J.G. Weiss
Lion on the Run– Marian Rumsey
LionBoy– Zizou Corder
Lion’s Eye, The– Joanna Greenfield
Lions of Living Free, The – Jack Couffer
Liquid Land– Ted Levin
Listening Silence, The– Phyllis Root
Listening to Cougar– Mark Beckoff (editor), et al
Little Cats– Bobbie Kalman
Little Fur– Isobelle Carmody
Little (Grrl) Lost– Charles de Lint
Little Prince, The– Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Little Women – Louisa May Alcott
Lives of Christopher Chant, The– Diana Wynne Jones
Lives of the Hunted– Ernest Thompson Seton
Living Bird, The– Vyn Gerrit
Living Like Ed– Ed Begley
Living to Tell the Tale– Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Living with Bugs– Jack DeAngelis
Lobo, Rags and Vixen– Ernest Thompson Seton
Lobster Chronicles, The – Linda Greenlaw
Lolita– Vladimir Nabokov
Lone Seal Pup– Arthur Catherall
Lone Wolf (Wolves of the Beyond)– Kathryn Lask
Loneliest Polar Bear, The– Kale Williams
Long African Day, The– Norman Myers
Long Walk, The– Slavomir Rawicz
Longing for Darkness– Kamante
Look Me in the Eye– John Elder Robison
Loon: Voice of the Wilderness– Joan Dunning
Loon Feather, The– Iola Fuller
Loser – Jerry Spinelli
Lost and Found Bookshop, The– Susan Wiggs
Lost Dogs, The– Jim Gorant
Lost Heir, The (Wings of Fire Book 2)- Tui T. Sutherland
Lost Mountain– Erik Reece
Lost Painting, The – Jonathan Harr
Lost Prince– Jeffrey Masson
Lost Warrior, The– Dan Jolley
Lost Whale, The– Michael Parfit and Suzanne Chisholm
Lost World, The– Michael Crichton
Love, Let Me Not Hunger– Paul Gallico
Love: the Dinosaur– Federico Bertolucci
Love: the Fox– Federico Bertolucci
Love: the Lion– Federico Bertolucci
Love: the Tiger– Federico Bertolucci
Love, War and Circuses– Eric Scigliano
Loveless– Alice Oseman
Lucy– Laurence Gonzales
Lucy: Growing up Human – Maurice Temerlin
Lute Player, The – Norah Lofts
Lydia Cassatt Reading the Morning Paper– Harriet Chessman
Lying Awake – Mark Salzman

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