Titles- S

Sacrifice, The (Animorphs #52)– K.A. Applegate
Saddle Shoe Blues– Hofeling Morris
Saga: Volume One– Brian K. Vaughan
Saga: Volume Two– Brian K. Vaughan
Saga: Volume Three– Brian K. Vaughan
Saga: Volume Four– Brian K. Vaughan
Saga: Volume Five– Brian K. Vaughan
Saga: Volume Six– Brian K. Vaughan
Saga: Volume Seven– Brian K. Vaughan
Saga: Volume Eight– Brian K. Vaughan
Saga: Volume Nine– Brian K. Vaughan
Saga: Volume Ten– Brian K. Vaughan
Saints, Scholars and Schizophrenics– Nancy Scheper-Hughes
Sally Jean the Bicycle Queen– Carl Best
Salt Marsh Summer– Jack and Mike Couffer
Salvage the Bones– Jesmyn Ward
Sam Chance– Benjamin Capps
Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in Her Head– Nancy Viau
Sand– Will James
Sand County Almanac, A – Aldo Leopold
Sandy– Dayton O. Hyde
Sarah’s Key– Tatiana de Rosnay
Sasha’s Tail – Jacqueline Damain
Saturday, the Twelfth of October– Norma Fox Mazer
Saving Dove– C.S. Adler
Saving Jemimah– Julie Zickefoose
Saving Simon– Jon Katz
Scalpel and the Butterfly, The– Deborah Rudacille
Scent of the Missing– Susannah Charleson
Sceptical Gardener, The– Ken Thompson
Scientific Project Goes “Boink”– Bill Watterson
Screwtape Letters, The– C.S. Lewis
Sculptor, The– Scott McCloud
Sea and the Jungle, The– H.M. Tomlinson
Sea Otters– Glenn VanBlaricom
Sea Runners, The– Ivan Doig
Seabiscuit– Laura Hillenbrand
Season of Mists- The Sandman– Neil Gaiman
Sea Glass – Anita Shreve
Sea Turtles of the World– Doug Perrine
Seaglass Summer- Anja Banerjee
Seal Child– Sylvia Peck
Search for the Golden Moon Bear– Sy Montgomery
Searching Spirit, The– Joy Adamson
Sea-Wolf, The– Jack London
Seaworthy– T.R. Pearson
Second Chance Dog– Jon Katz
Secret, The (Animorphs #9)– K.A. Applegate
Secret Garden, The– Frances Hodgson Burnette
Secret Go the Wolves– R.D. Lawrence
Secret Horse, The– Marion Holland
Secret Language of Life, The– Brian Ford
Secret Life of Cowboys, The– Tom Groneberg
Secret Life of the Unborn Child– Thomas Verny
Secret Lives of Princesses, The– Philippe Lechermeier
Secret Story of Sonia Rodriguez– Alan Lawrence Sitomer
Secrets of the Nest– Joan Dunning
Secrets of the Savannah– Mark and Delia Owens
See You in a Hundred Years– Logan Ward
Seedfolks– Paul Fleischman
Self-Portrait with Turtles– David M. Carroll
Self-Taught Gardener, The – Sydney Eddison
Send In the Idiots – Kamran Nazeer
Sending of Dragons, A– Jane Yolen
Separation, The (Animorphs #32) – K.A. Applegate
Separation Anxiety– Laura Zigman
Seraphina– Rachel Hartman
Serengeti Lion, The– George Schaller
Setting Up an Aquarium– Axel Gutjar
Seven Cats and the Art of Living– Jo Coudert
Seven-Day Magic– Edward Eager
Seven Fat Kine– Winefride Nolan
Seven Wild Sisters– Charles de Lint
Sex, Drugs and Sea Slime– Ellen Prager
Sex in the Sea– Marah J. Hardt
Shadows in the Sea– Cormick and Allen
Shakespeare Wrote for Money– Nick Hornby
Shark Trouble– Peter Benchley
Shattered Peace– Dan Jolley
Sheep– Valerie Hobbs
Sheep Dog, The– Tim Longton
Shepherds of Coyote Rocks– Cat Urbigkit
She’s Come Undone– Wally Lamb
Shy Boy– Monty Roberts
Sisters– Raina Telgemeier
The Sickness (Animorphs #29) – K.A. Applegate
Silence of the Songbirds– Bridget Stutchbury
Silver Boy– Vance Joseph Hoyt
Silverwing– Kenneth Oppel
Sigh, Gone– Phuc Tran
Sight Hound – Pam Houston
Sign with Your Baby – Joseph Garcia
Silent Miaow, The– Paul Gallico
Silent Partners – Eugene Linden
Silver Wolf, The – Alice Borchardt
Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums– David E. Boruchowitz
Sing Down the Moon – Scott O’Dell
Singlehanders, The– D.H. Clarke
Sky Dancer– Jack Bushnell
Slow Birding– Joan Strassmann
Slug Tossing– Meg Descamp
Small, Elderly Dragon, A– Beverly Keller
Small Wonder– Barbara Kingsolver
Smartypants– Maira Kalman
Smile of a Dolphin, The – Mark Bekoff
Smoky the Cowhorse– Will James
Snake, The– John Godey
Snakemaster– Austin Stevens
Snapdragon– Kat Leyh
Snapper– Brian Kimberling
Snow Child, The– Eowyn Ivey
Snow Fox, The– Susan Fromberg Schaeffer
Snow Goose, The – Paul Gallico
Snow Leopard – Don Hunter (editor)
Snow White, Blood Red – Datlow and Windling, (editors)
Snowflake, The– Kenneth Libbrecht
Solace of Open Spaces, The– Gretel Ehrlich
Solution, The (Animorphs #22) – K.A. Applegate
Solving Squirrel Problems– Monte Burch
Some More Horse Tradin’– Ben K. Green
Something New– Lucy Knisley
So That Others May Live – Hank Whittemore
Socks– Beverly Cleary
Song of the Dodo, The– David Quammen
Song of the Wild– Allan W. Eckert
Sorry So Sorry– Angie Outis
Soul of a Dog– Jon Katz
Soul of a Horse, The– Joe Camp
Soul of a Lion– Barbara Bennett
Soul of an Octopus, The– Sy Montgomery
Sound of a Wild Snail Eating– Elizabeth Tova Bailey
Speak – Laurie Halse Anderson
Speaker for the Dead – Orson Scott Card
Speckled Beauty, The– Rick Bragg
Speckled People, The– Hugo Hamilton
Spineless– Juli Berwald
Spinning– Tillie Walden
Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, The – Anne Fadiman
Spirit Horses– Tony Stromberg
Spiritual Midwifery– Ina May Gaskin
Splendid Solution– Jeffrey Kluger
Sportsman’s Anthology, The– Robert Kelley (editor)
Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk– David Sedaris
Squirrel Wife, The– Phillipa Pearce
Squirrels and Other Fur-Bearers– John Burroughs
St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves– Karen Russell
Staircase of a Thousand Steps – Masha Hamilton
Stallion King, The– Glenn Balch
Stallions at Burnt Rock– Paul Bagdon
Star, the Story of an Indian Pony– Forrestine Hooker
Star of the Sea– Linda Haldeman
Stargazing– Jen Wang
Stargirl – Jerry Spinelli
Starter Garden, A– Cheryl Merser
State of Wonder– Ann Patchett
Step From Heaven, A – An Na
Stepping Stones– Lucy Knisley
Stickeen– John Muir
Sticky Burr: Adventures in Burrwood Forest– John Lechner
Still Alice– Lisa Genova
Still Life– Melissa Milgrom
Stirring the Mud– Barbara Hurd
Stitch of Time, A– Lauren Marks
Stitches– David Small
Stolen Child, The – Keith Donohue
Stolen Child, The – Ann Hewetson
Stonyground– Douglas Chambers
Storm of Swords, A– George R.R. Martin
Story Behind Modern Books, The– Elizabeth R. Montgomery
Story of Edgar Sawtelle– David Wroblewski
Story of a Red-Deer, The– J.W. Fortescue
Storyteller in Zion, A – Orson Scott Card
The Stranger (Animorphs #7)– K.A. Applegate
Stranger in the Woods, The– Michael Finkel
Straydog– Kathe Koja
Strong for Potatoes– Cynthia Thayer
Stuff– Randy Frost and Gail Steketee
Stuff Dutch People Like– Colleen Geske
Subtle Knife, The– Philip Pullman
Suburban Safari– Hannah Holmes
Summer of Fire– Patricia Lauber
Summer of the Falcon, The– Jean Craighead George
Summer World– Bernd Heinrich
Sunshine -Robin McKinley
Sunwaifs– Sydney van Scyoc
Sunwing– Kenneth Oppel
Surf Monkeys (Choose Your Own Adventure)– Jay Leibold
The Suspicion (Animorphs #24)– K.A. Applegate
Swampfire– Patricia Hass
Swampwalker’s Journal– David M. Carroll
Swan in My Bathtub, The– Mary Jane Stretch
Swan’s Wing– Ursula Synge
Swiss Family Robinson– (adapted by) Robert Hill
Symptoms of Being Human– Jeff Garvin

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