Titles- T

Tails from the Bark Side– Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson
Tales from a Dog Catcher– Lisa Duffy-Korpics
Tales from Outer Suburbia– Shaun Tan
Tales from Watership Down– Richard Adams
Tales of an African Vet– Rey Aronson
Tales of Beedle the Bard– J.K. Rowling
Tales of Wonder– Jane Yolen
Talking to Animals– Barbara Woodhouse
Talking to Strangers– Malcolm Gladwell
Talking with Horses– Henry Blake
Tall Blondes– Lynn Sherr
Tam Lin– Pamela Dean
Tapestry of Love, The– Rosy Thornton
Tapir Scientist, The– Sy Montgomery
Tarka the Otter – Henry Williamson
Tell Me Where It Hurts– Dr. Nick Trout
Tender Morsels– Margo Lanagan
Tess of D’Urbervilles– Thomas Hardy
Test, The (Animorphs #43) – K.A. Applegate
Tetras and Other Characins– Mark Phillip Smith
Their Eyes Were Watching God– Zora Hurston
There’s a Rhino in the Rosebed, Mother– Betty and Jock Leslie-Melville
There’s an Owl in the Shower– Jean Craighead George
These Is My Words – Nancy E. Turner
Thing with Feathers, The– Noah Strycker
Thinking in Pictures –  Temple Grandin
Thinking Dog’s Man– Ted Patrick
Thirteen Moons– Charles Frazier
Thirteenth Tale, The– Diane Setterfield
Thirty Three Percent Joe– Suzanne Palmer
This Good Earth– Les Line
This Is Your Mind On Plants– Michael Pollan
This Much Country– Kristin Knight Pace
This One Summer– Mariko Tamaki
This Organic Life– Joan Gussow
Thistle & Co.– Era Zistel
Those of the Forest– Wallace Byron Grange
Those Who Hunt the Night– Barbara Hambly
Thousand Acres, A– Jane Smiley
Thousand Miles of Mustangin\’, A– Ben K. Green
Thousand Miles to Freedom, A– Eunsun Kim
Thousand Pieces of Gold– Ruthanne Lum McCunn
Thoughts While Tending Sheep –  W.G. Ilefeldt
Thread That Runs So True, The – Jesse Stuart
Threat, The (Animorphs #21) – K.A. Applegate
Three Cups of Tea– David Relin
Three-Legged Stallion, The– Kra Seigfried
Three Singles to Adventure– Gerald Durrell
Through Animals’ Eyes– Lynn Marie Cuny
Through the Eyes of the Condor– Robert B. Haas
Through the Eyes of the Gods– Robert B. Haas
Through the Eyes of a Young Naturalist– William S. Sipple
Through Wolf’s Eyes– Jane Lindskold
Thursday’s Child– Victoria Poole
Tibet Wild – George Schaller
Tie That Binds, The – Kent Haruf
Tiger, The– John Vaillant
Tiger for Malgudi, A– R.K. Narayan
Tiger in the House, The– Carl van Vechten
Tiger Rising, The– Kate DiCamillo
Tigers: the Secret Life– Valmik Thapar
Tiger’s Wife, The– Téa Obreht
Tigris Expedition, The– Thor Heyerdahl
Tilly’s Midnight Garden– Julie Green
Time Garden, The– Edward Eager
Time In Between, The– María Dueñas
Time It Never Rained, The– Elmer Kelton
Time Machine, The– H.G. Wells
Time Traveler’s Wife, The – Audrey Niffenegger
Tipping Point, The – Malcolm Gladwell
To Catch the Lightning– Alan Cheuse
To Everything There is a Season– Thalassa Cruso
To Everything There is a Season – Dr. Alice Miller
To Say Nothing of the Dog – Connie Willis
Toilet Training without Tears or Trauma – Penny Warner
Tom Jones– Henry Fielding
Tom’s Midnight Garden– Philippa Pearce
Tortilla Curtain, The– T.C. Boyle
Touch Not the Cat– Mary Stewart
Tracks– Robyn Davidson
Traffic– Tom Vanderbilt
Trail of an Artist Naturalist– Ernest Thompson Seton
Trail of the Sandhill Stag– Ernest Thompson Seton
Transgender Teen, The– Stephanie Brill and Lisa Kenney
Trash Mountain– Jane Yolen
Trashed– Derf Backderf
Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson
Treasury of Horses, The– Osborne and Johnson
Tribe of Tiger, The – Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
Triceratops and Other Horned Plant-Eaters– Virginia Schomp
Triumph of Seeds, The– Thor Hanson
Tropical Aquarium Fish– Andrews and Baensch
Tropical Fish– Stadelmann and Finley
Tropical Fish As Pets– Herbert R. Axelrod
Tropical Fishkeeping– Mary Bailey
Trout Reflections– David M. Carroll
Trowel and Error– Sharon Lovejoy
True Grizz– Douglas Chadwick
True Tails of Baker and Taylor– Louch and Rogak
Trumpet of the Swan– E.B. White
Trumpeter– Jane and Paul Annixter
Truth About Animals, The– Lucy Cooke
Truth About Dogs, The– Stephen Budiansky
Tulipomania– Mike Dash
Turning Japanese– David Mura
Turquoise Dragon, The– David Rains Wallace
Turtle is Born, A– William White
Turtle Warrior, The– Mary Relindes Ellis
Two in the Bush– Gerald Durrell
Two Little Savages– Ernest Thompson Seton
Two Years Before the Mast– Richard Henry Dana
Tygrine Cat, The– Inbali Iserles

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