Titles- W

Wally’s World– Marsha Boulton
Walk Across America, A– Peter Jenkins
Walk in the Woods, A– Bill Bryson
Wandering Whale, The– David Taylor
Warning, The (Animorphs #16) – K.A. Applegate
Warrior’s Refuge– Dan Jolley
Wake, The– Neil Gaiman
Waking up in Eden– Lucinda Fleeson
Walden and Other Writings– Henry David Thoreau
Wally’s World– Marsha Boulton
Walk in the Woods, A– Bill Bryson
Wandering Whale, The– David Taylor
Warning, The (Animorphs #16) – K.A. Applegate
Warrior’s Refuge– Dan Jolley
Warrior’s Return– Dan Jolley
Waste Free Kitchen Handbook– Dana Gunders
Wasted– Marya Hornbacher
Watchers at the Pond– Franklin Russell
Water Babies, The– Charles Kingsley
Water for Elephants – Sara Gruen
Waterlily– Ella Cara Deloria
Watership Down – Richard Adams
War Between Pitiful Teachers and Splendid Kids– Kiesel
Way Home, The– Mark Boyle
Way of a Horse, The– Marguerite de Beaumont
Way of Shadows, The– Brent Weeks
Way Out Here– Richard Leo
Wayside Tavern, A – Norah Lofts
The Weakness (Animorphs #37) – K.A. Applegate
We Made a Garden– Margery Fish
Weedless Gardening– Lee Reich
Weeds in My Garden –  Charles Heiser
Weigher, The– Eric Vinicoff and Marcia Martin
Welcome to Subirdia– John M. Marzluff
Well-Wishers, The– Edward Eager
Wesley the Owl– Stacey O\’Brien
West with the Night– Beryl Markham
Whale for the Killing, A – Farley Mowat
Whale Rider, The– Witi Ihimaera
What a Fish Knows– Jonathan Balcombe
What Are They Thinking?!– Swartzwelder and White
What Do You Do with a Kinkajou? – Alice Gilborn
What Fish? – Nick Fletcher, et al.
What Happened in Hamelin– Gloria Skurzynski
What I Thought I Knew– Alice Eve Cohen
What It’s Like to Be a Bird– David Allen Sibley
What the Dog Did – Emily Yoffe
What to Eat When– Roizen, Crupain and Spiker
Whatever You Do, Don’t Run– Peter Allison
What’s Michael? A Hard Day’s Life– Makoto Kobayashi
What’s Michael? The Ideal Cat– Makoto Kobayashi
What’s Michael? Planet of the Cats– Makoto Kobayashi
What’s Michael? Show Time – Makoto Kobayashi
What’s Michael? Sleepless Nights– Makoto Kobayashi
Wheat Belly– William Davis, M.D.
When Dogs Run Wild– Christine Gentry
When Fox is a Thousand – Larissa Lai
When I Was Puerto Rican – Esmeralda Santiago
When Katie Wakes – Connie May Fowler
When the Legends Die – Hal Borland
When You Are Engulfed in Flames– David Sedaris
Where Do Camels Belong? – Ken Thompson
Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang – Kate Wilhelm
Where the Blind Horse Sings– Kathy Stevens
Where the Crawdads Sing– Delia Owens
Where the Lilies Bloom– Vera and Bill Cleaver
Where You Once Belonged– Kent Haruf
Whimsy the Talking Pony– Sandy Duval
Whispering Land, The– Gerald Durrell
The Whistling Hunters– M.W. Fox
White Bone, The– Barbara Gowdy
White Bushman, The– Peter Stark
White Deer, The– James Thurber
White Dog Fell From the Sky– Eleanor Morse
White Dragon, The– Anne McCaffrey
White Fang– Jack London
White Puma, The– R.D. Lawrence
White Ruff– Glenn Balch
Whitefoot the Woodmouse-Thornton Burgess
Whitetail Tracks– Valerius Geist
Who the Hell is Pansy O’Hara?– Bond and Sheedy
Whole Health for Happy Cats – Sandy Arora
Why Don’t Penguins’ Feet Freeze?– New Scientist
Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?– Jesse Bering
Why Pandas Do Handstands– Augustus Brown
Why Peacocks? – Sean Flynn
Why We Run– Bernd Heinrich
Wicked  – Gregory Maguire
Wicked Day, The– Mary Stewart
Wicked Plants– Amy Stewart
Wife in the North– Judith O’Reilly
Wild– Cheryl Strayed
Wild Animal Neighbors– Ann Downer
Wild Animals at Home– Ernest Thompson Seton
Wild Animals I Have Known– Ernest Thompson Seton
Wild Animals In Captivity– H. Hediger
Wild Book, The– Margarita Engle
Wild Boy of Aveyron, The– Jean-Marc Gaspard Itard
Wild Cats– Michael Boorer
Wild Cats– Candace Savage
Wild Cats of the World– Luke Hunter
Wild Cow Tales– Ben K. Green
Wild Dogs in Life and Legend– Maxwell Riddle
Wild Echoes– Charles Bergman
Wild Heritage– Sally Carrighar
Wild Horse Running– Sam Savitt
Wild Horses: Galloping Through Time– Kelly Milner Halls
Wild Horses I Have Known – Hope Ryden
Wild Lands for Wildlife– Noel Grove
Wild Mare, The– Glenn Balch
Wild Ones– Jon Mooallem
Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, The– Mark Bittner
Wild Robot, The– Peter Brown
Wild Robot Escapes, The– Peter Brown
Wild Sex– Dr. Carin Bondar
Wild Silence, The– Raynor Winn
Wild Trees, The– Richard Preston
Wild Truth, The– Carine McCandless
Wild Voice of the North– Sally Carrighar
Wilderness and Razor Wire– Ken Lamberton
Wildflower– Mark Seal
Wildhood– Natterson-Horowitz and Bowers
Wildlife Detectives– Donna M. Jackson
Wildlife of North America– Thomas Lewis
Wildlings – Mary Leister
Wildwing– Phoebe Erickson
Wily Violets and Underground Orchids– Peter Berhnhardt
Wind, Sand and Stars – Antoine de Saint-Exuprey
Winging It– Jenny Gardiner
Winnie the Pooh– A. A. Milne
Winter Garden, the – Johanna Verweerd
Winter Pony– Jean Slaughter Doty
Winter World– Bernd Heinrich
Wintergirls– Laurie Halse Anderson
Winter’s Tail– Craig Hatkoff, et al
Winter’s Tale – Mark Helprin
Winter’s Tales– Isak Dinesen
Witch Child– Celia Rees
Witch Week– Diana Wynne Jones
Witches and Warlocks– Marvin Kaye
Wither– Lauren DeStefano
Within Reach– Mark Pfetzer
Witness to War – Charles Clements
Wolf, The– Michael Fox
Wolf Almanac, The– Robert Busch
Wolf Brother – Michele Paver
Wolf Children, The– Charles Maclean
Wolf Children and Feral Man– Singh and Zingg
Wolf Children and the Problem of Human Nature– Malson
Wolf Hybrid– Dorothy Prendergast
Wolf in the Family, A– Jerome Hellmuth
Wolf in the Parlor, The– Jon Franklin
Wolf Island– David L. Mech
Wolf: Legend, Enemy, Icon– Rebecca Grambo
Wolf Pack– Sylvia Johnson and Alice Aamodt
Wolf Star– Tanith Lee
Wolf Totem– Jiang Rong
Wolf Tower– Tanith Lee
Wolves at Our Door – Jim and Jamie Dutcher
Wolves of Willoughby Chase, The – Joan Aiken
Woman at Otowi Crossing– Frank Waters
Woman of the People, A– Benjamin Capps
Woman 99– Greer Macallister
Woman’s Best Friend– Megan McMorris (editor)
Woman’s Doctor– William J. Sweeney
Women of Nauvoo – Richard Holzapfel
Women Who Run with the Wolves– Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Wonderful Adventures of Nils, The– Selma Lagerlof
Wonderful Alexander and the Catwings– Ursula K. Le Guin
Wonder– R.J. Palacio
Wonders of Life– Robert Sullivan (editor)
Woodland Tales– Ernest Thompson Seton
Word Freak– Stefan Fatsis
Work Women Want– Jennifer Forest
Working– Studs Terkel
World According to Horses, The– Stephen Budiansky
World Made by Hand– James Howard Kunstler
World of the Fox– Rebecca Grambo
World Wild Vet– Dr. Evan Antin
World Without Us, The– Alan Weisman
World’s End– Neil Gaiman
Word People– Nancy Caldwell Sorel
Worm Ouroboros, The– Eric Eddison
Worms Eat My Garbage– Mary Appelhof
Wyoming Summer – Mary O’Hara

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