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Taber, Gladys- Conversations with Amber
Tallamy, Douglas W.- Bringing Nature Home
Tallamy, Douglas W.Nature’s Best Hope
Tamaki, Mariko- This One Summer
Tammet, Daniel- Born on a Blue Day
Tan, Shaun- The Arrival
Tan, Shaun– The Bird King
Tan, Shaun– Rules of Summer
Tan, Shaun– Tales from Outer Suburbia
Tappan, Frank Lee- Aquaria Fish
Tarte, Bob- Enslaved by Ducks
Tarte, Bob– Fowl Weather
Tarte, Bob– Kitty Cornered
Tatsuyama, Sayuri- Happy Happy Clover Vol 1 
Tatsuyama, Sayuri– Happy Happy Clover Vol 2 
Tatsuyama, Sayuri– Happy Happy Clover Vol 3
Tatsuyama, Sayuri– Happy Happy Clover Vol 4
Tawada, Yoko- Memoirs of a Polar Bear
Taylor, David- Is There a Doctor in the Zoo?
Taylor, David– My Animal Kingdom, One by One
Taylor, David– Vet on the Wild Side
Taylor, David– Next Panda, Please!
Taylor, David– The Wandering Whale
Taylor, David– Zoo Vet
Taylor, Mildred- Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Taylor, Patrick- An Irish Country Doctor
Telgemeier, Raina- Drama
Telgemeier, RainaGhosts
Telgemeier, RainaGuts
Telgemeier, RainaSisters
Temerlin, Maurice- Lucy: Growing up Human
Tennant, Alan- On the Wing
Terhune, Albert Payson- Lad: a Dog
Terkel, Studs- Working
Terrace, Herbert S.- Nim
Tey, Josephine- The Daughter of Time
Thapar, Valmik- Tigers: the Secret Life
Thayer, Cynthia- Strong for Potatoes
Thiam, Djibi- My Sister, the Panther
Thomas, Chris D.- Inheritors of the Earth
Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall- The Tribe of Tiger
Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall– The Hidden Life of Deer
Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall– Reindeer Moon
Thomas, Elizabeth Marshall– The Animal Wife
Thomas, Roseanne Daryl- Beeing
Thompson, Craig- Blankets
Thompson, Ken- The Sceptical Gardener
Thompson, KenWhere Do Camels Belong?
Thornton, Rosy- The Tapestry of Love
Thoreau, Henry David- Faith in a Seed
Thoreau, Henry DavidWalden and Other Writings
Thurber, James- The White Deer
Thwaites, Thomas- GoatMan
Tinbergen, Niko- The Herring Gull’s World
Tinti, Hannah- Animal Crackers
Tolkien, J.R.R. – Letters from Father Christmas
Tolkien, J.R.R. – Roverandom
Tolstoy, Leo- The Lion and the Puppy and Other Stories
Tomine, Dylan- Closer to the Ground
Tomkies, Mike- Moobli 
Tomlinson, Harry- Bonsai: Home Handbooks
Tomlinson, Harry– Bonsai: 101 Essential Tips
Tomlinson, H.M.- The Sea and the Jungle
Towles, Amor- A Gentleman in Moscow
Trail, Gayla- You Grow Girl
Trainor, Kathleen- Calming Your Anxious Child
Tran, Phuc- Sigh, Gone
Travers, P.L.- About the Sleeping Beauty
Troost, J. Maarten- Getting Stoned with Savages
Trout, Nick- Tell Me Where It Hurts
Tsukiyama, Gail- Dreaming Water
Tubby, Linda- Herbs: Exciting Recipes
Tucker, Sara- Our House in Arusha
Turner, Nancy E.- These Is My Words
Turner, Pamela- Project Seahorse
Tuttle, Merlin- America’s Neighborhood Bats
Twain, Mark – A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur\’s Court
Twain, Mark – Roughing It
Tweti, Mira- Of Parrots and People

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