Titles F

Fables and Reflections– Neil Gaiman
Facing the Lion– Joseph Lemasolai Lekuton
Faith and Betrayal – Sally Denton
Faith in a Seed– Henry David Thoreau
Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Vol. 1– Oscar Wilde, P. Craig Russell
Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Vol. 2– Oscar Wilde, P. Craig Russell
Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Vol. 4– Oscar Wilde, P. Craig Russell
Familiar, The (Animorphs #41) – K.A. Applegate
Famine– Liam O’Flaherty
Fangirl– Rainbow Rowell
Far from the Land– Thomas Rice
Farewell to Arms, A– Ernest Hemmingway
Farm City– Novella Carpenter
Fast Food Nation– Eric Schlosser
Fast Sketching Techniques – David Rankin
Fat Girl – Judith Moore
Father’s Gone A-Whaling– Gardiner and Osborne
Fatu-Hiva: Back to Nature– Thor Heyerdahl
Feast for Crows, A– George R.R. Martin
Feminine Mystique– Betty Friedan
Ferns to Know and Grow– F. Gordon Foster
Field Guide to Ticks, A– Susan Carole Hauser
Field of the Dogs, The– Katherine Patterson
Felix Ever After– Kacen Callender
Fifteen Rabbits – Felix Salten
Fillets of Plaice– Gerald Durrell
Finding Gobi– Leonard Dion
Finding My Distance– Julia Wendell
Fingersmith – Sarah Waters
Fire and Hemlock– Diana Wynne Jones
Fire on the Mountain– Edward Abbey
Fire Pony, The– Rodman Philbrick
Fire Rose, The – Mercedes Lackey
Fire Story– Brian Fies
Firewing– Kenneth Oppel
First Garden– C.Z. Guest
First Person Plural – Cameron West
The Fishes– F.D. Ommanney
Fish Behavior– Stephan Reebs
Fish Caught in Time, A– Samantha Weinberg
Fish Decks– William McCloskey
Fish for Kids– Dana Meachan Rau
Fish Girl– Donna Jo Napoli
Flame Trees of Thika, The– Elspeth Huxley
Flash– Rachel Anne Ridge
Fledgling– Octavia Butler
Flight Behavior– Barbara Kingsolver
Flight of the Horse, The– Larry Niven
Flight of the White Wolf– Mel Ellis
Flower Confidential– Amy Stewart
Flyaway– Suzie Gilbert
Fluke– James Herbert
Foiled– Jane Yolen
Folded Leaf, The– William Maxwell
Folks, This Ain’t Normal– Joel Salatin
Following Fifi– John Crocker
Food Over Medicine– Pamela Popper and Glen Merzer
For Big Bucks Only– Jeff Murray
For the Love of Insects– Thomas Eisner
Forever – Pete Hamill
Forgotten, The (Animorphs #11) – K.A. Applegate
Forgotten Animals– Linda Koebner
Four Horses for Tishtry– Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
Four Tenths of an Acre– Laurie Lisle
Fowl Weather– Bob Tarte
Fox, The– D.H. Lawrence
Fox and I– Catherine Raven
Fox Called Sorrow, A– Isobelle Carmody
Fox Farm – Eileen Dunlop
Foxes– Marc Tyler Nobleman
Frankenstein Diaries, The– Hubert Venables
Freedom! – Frank LeGall
Fresh Eggs– Rob Levandoski
Fresh Milk– Fiona Giles
Freshwater Angelfishes– Axelrod and Burgess
Freshwater Aquarium– Gregory Skomal
Freshwater Fishes– Marjorie Buckmaster
Friend Like Henry, A – Nuala Gardner
Friends with Boys– Faith Erin Hicks
Frightful’s Mountain– Jean Craighead George
Frog: the Horse That Knew No Master – Colonel S. Meek
Frogs– David Badger
From Baghdad, with Love– Lt. Col. Jay Kopelman
From the Ground Up– Amy Stewart
From the Orange Mailbox– Arley Carmen Clark
Frost Dancers– Gary Kilworth
The Fur Person– May Sarton
Furry Logic– Matin Durray and Liz Kalaugher
Fury: Stallion of Broken Wheel Ranch– Albert G. Miller
Fuzz– Mary Roach

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