Authors E

Eadie, Betty- Embraced by the Light
Eager, Edward- Half Magic
Eager, Edward– Magic by the Lake
Eager, Edward– Seven-Day Magic
Eager, Edward– The Time Garden
Eager, Edward– The Well-Wishers
Earley, Tony- Jim the Boy
Eastburn, Mark – Earning My Spots
Eckert, Allan- The Crossbreed
Eckert, AllanSong of the Wild
Eden, Connie and Cheney- The Pitiful Gardener’s Handbook
Eddison, Eric- The Worm Ouroboros
Eddison, Sydney- The Self-Taught Gardener
Edgar, Jim- Bad Cat
Edwards, Lisa- A Dog Named Boo
Eggers, David (editor) – McSweeney’s 24
Ehrenreich, Barbara- Nickel and Dimed
Ehringer, Gavin- Leaving the Wild
Ehrlich, Gretel- The Solace of Open Spaces
Eilperin, Juliet- Demon Fish 
Eisler, Colin- Drawings of the Masters
Eisner, Thomas- For the Love of Insects
Elgin, Beckie- Journey: the Amazing Story of OR-7
Ellis, Barbara- Covering Ground
Ellis, Mel- Flight of the White Wolf
Ellis, Mary Relindes- The Turtle Warrior
Ellis, Shaun- The Man Who Lives with Wolves
Elston, Catherine- Ravensong
Embry, Margaret- Mr. Blue
Emery, Nathan- Bird Brain
Emerson, Earl- Vertical Burn
Engdahl, Sylvia- Enchantress from the Stars
Engle, Margarita- The Wild Book
Epstein, Jennifer Cody- The Painter from Shanghai
Epstein, Randi- Get Me Out
Erickson, Phoebe- Wildwing
Estabrook, Barry- Pig Tales
Estes, Clarissa Pinkola- Women Who Run with the Wolves
Eunsun, Kim- A Thousand Miles to Freedom
Evangelista, Kate – No Love Allowed
Evans, Nicholas- The Horse Whisperer
Evison, Jonathan- Lawn Boy

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