Authors W

Wade, Nicholas- New York Times Book of Mammals
Walden, Tillie- Spinning
Walker, Alice- The Chicken Chronicles
Walker, Bob- The Cats’ House
Wallace, Bill- A Dog Called Kitty
Wallace, David Rains- The Turquoise Dragon
Wallace, Joseph- A Gathering of Wonders
Wallace, Lew- Ben-Hur
Waller, John- The Dancing Plague
Walls, Jeannette – The Glass Castle
Walsh, Michael- The Dirt Riddles
Wang, Jen- Stargazing
Ward, Brian- Aquarium Fish Survival Manual
Ward, Jesmyn- Salvage the Bones
Ward, Logan- See You in a Hundred Years
Warner, Penny- Toilet Training without Tears or Trauma
Warner, Sylvia Townsend- The Kingdoms of Elfin
Warner, William- Beautiful Swimmers
Warren, Susan- Backyard Giants
Warwick, Hugh- The Hedgehog’s Dilemma
Waters, Frank- The Woman at Otowi Crossing
Waters, Sarah – Fingersmith
Watterson, Bill- Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes
Watterson, Bill– The Essential Calvin and Hobbes
Watterson, Bill– Homicidal Psycho Jungle Cat
Watterson, Bill– Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes
Watterson, Bill– Lazy Sunday Book
Watterson, Bill– Scientific Project Goes “Boink”
Weeks, Brent- The Way of Shadows
Weetman, Nova- It All Begins with Jellybeans
Weidensaul, Scott- The Ghost with Trembling Wings
Weinberg, Samantha- A Fish Caught in Time
Weir, Andy- The Martian
Weir, Andy– Project Hail Mary
Weir, Rosemary- Pyewacket
Weisman, Alan- The World Without Us
Weiss, Bobbi J.G.- The Lion King: the junioir graphic novel
Weitz, Patricia- College Girl
Wells, H.G.- The Time Machine
Wells, Jeff- All My Patients Have Tails
Wendell, Julia- Finding My Distance
Wendt, Herbert- Out of Noah’s Ark
Werlin, Nancy- Impossible
West, Cameron- First Person Plural
Westover, Tara- Educated
White, Barbara Claypole- The Unfinished Garden
White, E.B. – Charlotte’s Web
White, E.B. – Trumpet of the Swan
White, Katharine- Onward and Upward in the Garden
White, T.H.- The Goshawk
White, William- A Turtle is Born
Whittemore, Hank- So That Others May Live
Wiesel, Elie- Night
Wiggs, Susan- The Lost and Found Bookshop
Wilbur, Frances- The Dog With Golden Eyes
Wickenden, Dorothy- Nothing Daunted
Wilcove, David S.- No Way Home
Wilde, Oscar- Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Vol. 1
Wilde, Oscar– Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Vol. 2
Wilde, Oscar– Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde Vol. 4
Wilder, Edna- Once Upon an Eskimo Time
Wilhelm, Kate- Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
Wilkes, Angela- My First Green Book
Williams, Jim- Path of the Puma
Williams, Kale- The Loneliest Polar Bear
Williams, Sarah- 101 Facts About Tropical Fish
Williams, Wendy- Kraken
Williams, Wendy– The Language of Butterflies
Williams and Schneemann- Go With the Flow
Williamson, Henry- Tarka the Otter
Willingham, Bill- Animal Farm
Willingham, Bill– Legends in Exile
Willis, Connie – Doomsday Book
Willis, Connie – To Say Nothing of the Dog
Wilson, Budge- Before Green Gables
Wilson, David Henry- The Coachman Rat
Wilsson, Lars- My Beaver Colony
Winchester, Simon- The Professor and the Madman
Windling and Datlow, editors- Black Swan, White Raven
Winn, Marie- Red-Tails in Love
Winn, Raynor- The Salt Path
Winn, Raynor– The Wild Silence
Woginrich, Jenna- Barnheart
Woginrich, Jenna– Made from Scratch
Wohlleben, Peter- The Hidden Life of Trees
Wohlleben, Peter– The Hidden Life of Animals
Wolf, Steven- Comet’s Tale
Wolfe, Ellen- Aftershock
Wolff, Tobias- Old School
Wolfsheimer, Gene- The Guide to Owning Bettas
Wood, Frances- Brushed by Feathers
Woods, Jacqueline- Hush
Woods, Vanessa- Bonobo Handshake
Woodhouse, Barbara- Talking to Animals
Woodhull and Rotner- Every Season
Worth, Jennifer- The Midwife
Wright, Camron- The Rent Collector
Wroblewski, David- The Story of Edgar Sawtelle

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